Monday, October 25, 2010

I just don't sleep

So I have come to the realization that Sleep... Some nights it just isn't for me. Tonight for example. Watched a movie with my friends, Tried to sleep but ended up just staring at the ceiling. Then got up and watched 3 hilarious episodes of Modern Family. If you haven't seen that show.. Its hilarious. I absolutely love it. So then I got a bit hungry.. cause it has been like 10 hours since i last ate... and I dunno.. sometimes the late night cereal doesn't cut it.. and I finished the box of Trix the other day. So I looked in the fridge.. and whoo!!! Rice.. Rice is great when you re hungry and want 2 thousand of something. So now I'm eating some rice and peas... super awake.. and thinking about random things in life.. and I promise I haven't had a single red bull today. I was tired at church.. but I am really trying to cut down and stop the irreparable damage that I am causing to my heart with each can i drink. Life is good. I cant really describ
e why.. but I just have been having a super good outlook on everything. I really just quit caring about a lot of things and since that's happened.. Ive been really happy. So I found this new webpage... My bestest friend ever Ros told me about it.. its called TOTALLY check it out. its hilarious... It just gives random notes from random things.. Here are some of my favorites:

Dear Dora,
You're bilingual at age 4, and you seriously can't see the damn orange tree?!
Sincerely, It's right there.

Dear credit card,
Please stop being so easy to use. You are the sluttiest thing in my wallet.

Dear Rock,
Yeah, I don't get how it works either.
Sincerely, Paper.

see they're funny!

Also go to youtube and look up "Look around you" these short movies were done by the BBC and they are so stupid they are funny..

So ya.. Its 330 now.. Im kinda tired...

Shalom Out

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